Characteristics of slate tiles

The material is not slate slate but natural slate (also known as slate), slate and marble, granite and sandstone is a natural stone, its biggest characteristic is to have natural cleavage, can use manual or mechanical way to be split apart, so the surface of the building in stone products are without mechanical polishing with the characteristics of the simple nature of the surface. Because of the different material characteristics and metamorphism, slate in part of high quality materials can be processed into roofing tiles, the slate is also often referred to as the slate, slate tile cannot be processed into decorative panels, used as wall and floor decoration. The same building is slate, slate can do decorative slate, and decorative panels do not rock the slate, what is the reason? We need to know the characteristics of high quality slate must have: the splitting of good performance, good flatness, high density, small color difference (other colors empathy), high bending strength and low calcium iron sulfur content, low loss, good corrosion resistance, low water absorption, good weather resistance. The smoothness is poor, can not meet the construction requirements of tile hanging neatly appropriateness; no material properties can not be good, and do not fade, no weathering, not rust and maintain more than 100 years of service life.