Cobblestone products are widely used

With the development of science and the progress of science and technology, the application of cobblestones in real life is becoming more and more extensive. Widely used in the construction industry: the first pebble pebbles are widely used in public buildings, villas, garden buildings, pavement (park built the cobblestone road long walk has the effect of longevity), Park rockery, bonsai filler material, garden art and its senior superstructure. It can carry forward the ancient oriental culture, but also reflects the western classical, elegant style, recover the original simplicity. The natural cobblestones are nontoxic, tasteless and undecolorizing. The quality is hard, the color and lustre is clear and simple, with the natural stone characteristic of compression, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, it is an ideal green building material.

Moreover, the cobblestone is widely used in the garden industry.

Honest, plain, huge pebbles with rugged, masculine, powerful, quiet and harmonious and unified visual quality China philosophy advocates matching. The huge cobblestone has been so deeply loved to say that it originated from the deep concept of Chinese aesthetic. The stone image and the spirit of personality are primitive human beings who use stones as tools of production, but they do not know the spiritual attributes of stones. They just feel that they have a supernatural mysterious power and have been chosen to express their symbols of belief, and to give them the spirit of "stone worship".

Usually we see the transformer foundation below, cobbled place is the transformer oil storage pit? According to the rules: "outdoor transformer single amount of oil in the above 1000kg and other oil immersed electrical equipment should be set, oil storage pit and oil drainage facilities; oil storage pit volume shall be determined according to the amount of oil equipment capacity of 100% or 20% the amount of oil. When the amount of oil equipment in 20% set oil storage pit, pit shall be provided with a discharge pipe, the oil into the oil pit in accident accident. The inner diameter of the oil exhaust pipe should not be less than 100mm, and the oil should be discharged quickly in the case of accident.

The pebbles "armor" stopped oil pollution, large transformer is neither bare ground nor flat cement, iron grate but covered with grey blue. In the iron grates below about 10 cm, and a thick layer of pebbles (this is the transformer pebbles). This seemingly insignificant iron grates and pebbles, is the embodiment of the "Green Olympics" concept of environmental protection. It turns out that when the transformer works, it will produce normal oil drop. Oil drops through the iron grate, will be below the pebbles to intercept, no longer directly drops to the ground, so as to prevent fire, prevent pollution of the role of the land.