Daily maintenance of Stone

Daily maintenance of Stone:
The correct way to maintain the stone is in the decline in the degree of stone gloss has not exceeded the recovery capacity of maintenance measures, the timely use of maintenance technology, its maintenance after the completion of the basic gloss can be reached the original level, in a more ideal use of the state. Because of the nature of its natural formation and the causes associated with various forms of the form, the stone has decided that it will cause pathological changes and weathering damage in the environment, which is caused by its internal factors. On the other hand, the deterioration of the use of the environment, such as acid rain, pollution, humidity and so on are also caused and accelerated the occurrence of various problems and lesions of the main reasons. The consequences of these problems and lesions are serious. From the natural weathering and destruction of ancient stone relics, all kinds of natural damage and pathological changes appear in the present construction stone, the loss is enormous. Then, how to effectively prevent this, the maximum to avoid and control the occurrence of these damage and lesions, it becomes increasingly important. Waxing has been widely used as a method of protecting stone. It is used more in the laying of stone on the ground. But its protection effect on stone is limited, weather resistance is poor, anti-fouling effect is not ideal, and easy to dust. Today, people also found that waxing will cause some damage to stone, because it is as a kind of airtight cover protection materials deposited on the stone surface, the pores of the stone is closed after the interior and behind the moisture distribution does not come out, accumulated in the stone inside the time of the stone has been pathological changes. There is also a commonly used by people on the inner wall of liquid wax water, which is a membrane material, its main disadvantage is the impact of natural texture stone. The emergence of permeable protective products is a major advance in the development and research of stone protection products, but the application time in our country is not very long. This product is mostly solvent or water for the media, will be some effective waterproof material to the inside of the stone. The formation of a deep protective barrier, water and some liquid pollution shut out. This permeable protective product, in addition to not changing the natural texture of stone, but also to maintain the permeability of stone, its superior performance, scientific and reasonable.
However, due to the use of material differences, some products in the waterproof, anti-fouling, oil-proof effect will be different, but most products have better results.
  For the selection and use of stone protection products, in addition to understand the product performance, but also pay attention to the following points:

(1) compatibility. To choose products that have no effect on stone color.
  If it is wet paste construction, on the back of the stone to test whether it will affect the bonding force between stone and cement.
(2) Wet paste construction, to do a good job on the back and side of the treatment of stone, then to focus on choosing a good waterproof effect of protective agents.

(3) The choice of ground stone protective agent in addition to do a good job on the back of the waterproof treatment, the face of the stone should also be based on the use of different environment to do appropriate protection treatment.
  Some special places, like the hospital to choose anti-fouling performance of good products, such as hotels to choose anti-fouling, oil-proof effect of good protection products.

(4) dry hanging stone on the back of its protective treatment of the significance has been small.
  For the front, according to the use of the environment and the characteristics of the stone to choose the appropriate protective products to deal with.

(5) for very prone to lesions of the stone, like some gray-white granite and marble often under damp conditions rust or spit yellow.
  Emphasis should be done to prevent water treatment, protective agents to choose the best waterproof effect.
(6) for the material of the porosity of the high water absorption of granite too flysch in the public environment to use, we must choose Waterproof, anti-fouling, good quality control products, so once contaminated also easy to clean.