How to buy Artificial stone and imitation stone

The artificial stone industry has gone through nearly half a century since its birth. Artificial stone and imitation stone products are similar from concept to concept, and there is no clear distinction between them. The state has not issued the corresponding standard and standard industry development. Because the concept of "artificial" and "imitation" will allow some ordinary consumers to produce some ambiguities and think that artificial or imitation is not natural. In fact, the development of artificial stone technology to today, has been very mature, some high-end imitation stone products in terms of performance or decorative effect even more than natural stone, such as in the country's largest ceramic producing areas in Foshan, has upgraded the manufacturers production experience of advanced ceramic tile, imitation stone to products R & D and production and marketing, launched the removal of radioactive, transparent and sense of reality beyond the traditional ceramic tile, comparable to the natural stone "Zhuoyuan health stone" imitation stone, and has achieved great success.

In general, compared with natural stone, artificial stone and stone imitation with colorful, high smoothness, uniform color, good abrasion resistance, good toughness, compact structure, durable, low water absorption, resistance to weathering, color small, non fading, low price, radioactive etc.. As a kind of good texture, color of the decorative material, can not only beautify the indoor and outdoor decoration, to meet the diverse needs of the design, better for architects and designers to provide extremely broad design space, to create the space expression of natural feeling. Artificial stone and imitation stone also have the advantages of comprehensive utilization of resources. They play an important role in environmental protection and energy saving. They are also genuine building materials, green products, and have become widely used materials in modern architecture.

But the artificial stone and artificial stone products of various manufacturers standards are not the same, so the quality of available artificial stone production equipment is different, some poor quality, poor effect of imitation stone artificial stone influence the image of the industry, consumers in the purchase of this product, should keep their eyes open, to choose from the following aspects a brand: if it is used in large quantities, and the best advice strength before buying about manufacturing imitation stone factory scale, have what kind of production line and manufacturing equipment, which won the industry qualification and honor, is not the original production; two, technology: to figure out what is the use of technology for manufacturers imitation stone, imitation stone because the technology is too much, to understand the technology seems a bit difficult, but as consumers, we can still It is identified by two main criteria:

The stone thickness determines the sense of reality, stone and three-dimensional sense of openness also determines the degree of simulation, which is the most critical, some imitation stone surface as a thin layer of paper, looks like a stone, you will find a careful comparison of the texture, imitation stone effect is false, why?  Because it is thick enough, so can not represent the natural stone unique three-dimensional sense and sense of vision, such products do not surface grooving, edge art processing, because once the processing is broken this layer of stone, exposed the false identity; and there is a kind of imitation stone surface completely transparent glass material, thickness and permeability effect is available, but the destruction of the natural stone texture effect, to achieve this, we can compare the health of this kind of stone like Zhuoyuan imitation stone eye can get this.

The forming process and technology: most of imitation stone products using resin adhesive and powder molding, this imitation stone in the high temperature, wear resistance and hardness are relatively poor, recommend through special raw materials, large tonnage press, automatic billet furnace temperatures above 1250 degrees Celsius sintering and polishing equipment the polished stone imitation, such products in the real degree, density, water absorption, permeability and gloss can withstand the test of time.