How to choose a reasonable stone decoration

With the improvement of people's aesthetic awareness, the simple straight line in decoration has been unable to satisfy the pursuit of aesthetics. The improvement of stone cutting and parquet craft enables the charm of decoration to be vividly displayed in the beauty of curves. Decoration stone is divided into two kinds of artificial stone and natural stone. Natural stone will generally contain mineral metal radiation, used in open indoor or outdoor, the common application in the hotel bank lobby or square. Artificial stone basic classification as: ordinary board, crystal jade board, aluminum powder board, composite acrylic board, pure acrylic board and quartz stone five categories. There is no difference between them, the composition of different components, different characteristics. In the purchase of stone, it is necessary to make it clear that they value these materials which characteristics, to make a reasonable choice is natural stone or artificial stone.

Natural stone is divided into two main types: marble and granite. Natural stone texture is very beautiful, hard texture, outstanding scratch resistance, wear resistance is good; different colors, the most commonly used several price is more reasonable, is an affordable material. There are more high-grade natural stone, gorgeous texture, density is good, but the price is relatively high. Disadvantages: natural stone from natural, splicing can not seamless, the gap is also easy to breed bacteria; although it is more than hard, but lack of flexibility, in case of heavy blows will occur, not easy to repair; some invisible natural cracks, the case of rapid changes in temperature Cracking will also occur. At the same time, natural stone is radioactive and has adverse effects on people, especially pregnant women and children.

Artificial stone is the representative of the acrylic and quartz stone, acrylic stone modeling handsome, mainly can be curved and absolutely seamless splicing, there are other special-shaped processing, these are other stone can not be achieved; In addition, Acrylic is the biggest advantage of good toughness, especially the best acrylic. Changeable shape, color and diverse, soft colors, easy to repair problems. After using for too long, it can be polished again and bright as new. Is the poor hardness, load-bearing deformation and anti-hard scratch less. Composite acrylic high temperature to 90 degrees, pure acrylic high temperature of 120 degrees. However, do not expose to excessive heat for prolonged periods of time.

Quartz stone in the guarantee of natural stone high hardness, high temperature, acid and alkali, impact resistance, easy to clean, based on the body without any harmful radioactive elements. The world's most advanced production technology super-hard environmentally friendly composite quartz Plate, the surface of the plate is even harder than the granite, as rich as the color marble, anti-corrosion and anti-fouling structure like glass, finishing the same shape as artificial stone is precisely because of its excellent performance in many aspects, Make it occupy an irreplaceable position in the decorative stone, because of its many advantages make quartzite higher prices. Selection of stone in the decoration should be based on individual needs, choose the best for the!