How to make artificial stone countertops are not polluted?

Artificial stone mesa is a kind of stone commonly used in our life. It will be polluted because of long-term exposure, so that it will reduce the service life of artificial stone mesa. Therefore, we must clean up in time, of course, it is a good way to start from prevention.

1., to prevent artificial stone mesa from being polluted, we must do well in usual maintenance and care, keep the surface of artificial stone table clean, prevent pollutants from eroding the abrasion of artificial stone mesa, especially sand and other hard objects.

2. the artificial stone table is well placed in a dry and ventilated place to avoid being placed in a wet environment. There are many stone holes on the artificial stone table, which can not block their breathing.

3. although the prevention, but may not be contaminated, as long as that would be cleared up, you can use special stone cleaner, but to choose a neutral cleaning agent, not corrosive, not to yourself waxing.