Production Technology of Marble

 Marble International collectively referred to as Cloud Stone, with its natural and simple texture, bright color, is widely used in building interior wall, because of the relatively loose marble material, texture is relatively high water absorption ratio. More knots, so in the processing, transport installation and use of the process is prone to all kinds of pollution and warping deformation, easy to lose light and other phenomena, affecting the decorative effect, so the care of the marble is also a compulsory nursing profession.
To compare and analyze the situation of marble finishes, the nursing methods can be divided into:

1: Refurbished abrasive treatment.

2: Local drop processing.

3: Cleaning protection treatment.

4: Crystallization polishing treatment.
5: Seamless filling processing and so on.
Marble grinding treatment, crystallization polishing treatment of the construction technology:
First in the refurbishment before the first to do waterproof, the purpose is to make the stone as little as possible to absorb water, so as to reduce the water absorption of stone, 300#, then do waterproof, because the grinding will cause the effect of water to reduce or disappear, conditions permitting the best 800# after the first time waterproof.
Encountered relatively loose stone, such as Baishami, sandstone, tropical rainforest, wood stone, etc. to be used first high content sealing curing agent (such as Superhard inorganic paint, content more than 40% silicone resin sealant) for pretreatment, so that the stone in the filling of loose at the same time hardening the material.

1, coarse grinding: The use of 50#, 150#, 300#, 500# gold and steel stone resin hard grinding block (coarse grinding do not use soft grinding plate to grind, easy to appear waves, affect the smoothness of coarse grinding to a slightly larger amount of water but remember not too much, each grinding plate to thoroughly absorb water, check the cutting abrasive left by the deep stroke is used 50#
Grinding blade grinding, and so on, the machine to go well word grinding, coarse grinding accounted for the overall grinding 45% time, is to ensure the completion of the project quality check the key link.
2, fine grinding: The use of 800#, 1000#, 2000# gold-steel-stone resin soft mill, fine grinding accounted for the overall research 35% time, fine grinding to 800# after the initial light, fine grinding to the 2000# after the gloss can reach 50 degrees.
3, fine grinding: The use of 3000# gold-steel resin soft grinding plate spraying A2 lapping, for ion exchange, fine grinding accounted for the whole grinding 20% time, after the fine grinding luster to upgrade very high, marble surface density increased, for polishing agent (NO2+Q5 mirror repair agent) lay a solid foundation, enhanced the adhesion of polishing materials. 4, Polishing: The use of power more than 2HP, rotate speed 175-210 rpm, weight 45-70 kg crystal machine, animal hair content 70% of the animal hair cushion, 3M pad, nano pad, with marble mirror NO2, 2X mirror lock bright knife into the milk Q5 for polishing and grinding,
Polished marble surface gloss can reach at least 90-100 degrees. 5, encountered more difficult to do translucent stone, such as the jazz white, resin-type man-made stone, if the above method is still not enough water bright, then spraying once A2 with 3000# grinding to dry, and then repeated with nano-pad, with marble mirror NO2, 2X mirror lock bright knife into the milk Q5 for polishing grinding, Nano-inorganic polymer copolymer formed crystalline layer, glass-like, water bright effect will be able to come out.
With high hardness, wear resistance, transparency, water resistance, anti-fouling, Non-slip and other functions.