Stone General Category

Stone General Category:

Natural stone refers to the natural rock from the mining out, and processed into a block or plate-like materials collectively. The two most basic stone types used in the building decoration industry are natural stone and man-made stone. Natural stone such as marble, granite, limestone and so on. Building decoration with natural stone mainly has granite and marble two kinds. Natural Stone is one of the oldest civil engineering materials. Natural stone with high compressive strength, good wear resistance and durability, after processing the surface is rich in decorative, rich resources, abundant reserves, easy to local materials, low production costs, is the ancient and modern civil engineering construction of the wall, bridges, houses. Main materials of road and Water Conservancy project.
is one of the main decorative materials of modern civil engineering. Natural stone can be roughly divided into 3 categories. Igneous rock is formed by melting or partially molten material such as magma cooled by the rocks of the mantle or crust. Granite is a kind of igneous rock, which is not too deep in the Earth's surface, the weathering products of other rocks and some volcanic eruptions, through the flow of water or glaciers, transport, deposition, diagenesis formation of rocks,
And sandstone belong to this category; metamorphic rocks are a kind of stone, marble, Slate, quartzite and jade belonging to metamorphic rocks under the combination of high temperature and high pressure and minerals. Granite is a very hard igneous rock with high densities, scratches and corrosion resistance. It is ideal for flooring and kitchen countertops.
There are hundreds of varieties of granite. Marble is a sedimentary or metamorphic rock of carbonate rock, marble, dolomite, limestone, sandstone, shale and slate, is a derivative of limestone, marble is a metamorphic rock can be polished and polished. Marble is soft and easily scratched or corroded by acidic substances.
There are countless types of marble around the world, recommended new wood grain jade block.
Limestone is a sedimentary rock, is composed of calcite and sediments, forming a variety of colors.
Sandstone is also a kind of sedimentary stone, which is mainly composed of loose quartz sand particles, rough texture, there are many varieties of sandstone to choose from. Slate is a metamorphic rock, which is a muddy, silty or neutral tuff, which can be peeled into thin slices along the direction of the plate. The color of slate varies with the impurities it contains, containing iron is red or yellow, carbonaceous black or gray, calcium-containing in the case of hydrochloric acid will bubble, so generally by its color naming classification, such as green slate, black slate, calcareous slate and so on. Artificial stone is made of unnatural mixture, such as resin, cement, glass beads, aluminum powder and so on add gravel binder. Artificial stone (also known as "artificial Marble").
Artificial stone 30 years ago in the United States, China's earliest use of man-made stone products as decorative materials are in the 90 's mid-term some coastal developed cities, a few years later widely popular. The fossil is mined in the nature of the stone ore set, of which the slate, sandstone, quartz stone, after processing, become a decorative building materials. Cultural stone hard, bright color, rich texture, different styles, with pressure, wear-resistant, refractory, cold, corrosion resistance, low water absorption characteristics.