The distinguishing method of stone

The distinguishing method of stone
For processing good finished stone, its quality can be distinguished from the following four aspects: One view, that is, the naked eye observation of the surface structure of stone. Generally speaking, the uniform fine material structure stone has the exquisite texture, is the stone's jiapin, the coarse grain and the unequal grain structure stone its appearance effect is inferior. In addition, due to the impact of the geological role of stone often produced in a number of small cracks, stone most easily along these parts of the rupture, should pay attention to remove.
As for the lack of edges and corners is the impact of beauty, the choice should be especially noted.
Two quantities, that is, the amount of stone size specifications, so as not to affect stitching, or caused by stitching patterns, patterns, line deformation, affect the decorative effect. Three listens, namely listens to the stone the percussion sound.
Generally speaking, the quality of the stone its striking sound crisp and melodious, on the contrary, if there is a slight fissure in the stone or due to weathering caused by the contact between the particles loose, the percussion is hoarse. Four tries, namely uses the simple test method to examine the stone quality good or bad.
Usually on the back of the stone drop a small grain of ink, such as ink quickly scattered around the leaching, that is, the stone inside particles loose or there is a gap, the quality of stone is not good, on the contrary, if the ink droplets in situ, it is good stone texture.
Suggestions 1, the stone has the radioactivity certificate, when you buy, please ask the dealer.
Do not buy the certificate, at the same time to note that the home decoration to choose is a class of products.
2, in marble and granite selection, to first consider the marble, under normal circumstances, the radioactivity of granite is greater than the radioactivity of marble. 3, under normal circumstances, the consideration of the stone should be black, gray-white, meat red, green, red, from the radioactive point of view, from high to Low, followed by: Red "green" meat red, gray white > White and black, is basically this sort.