What is the difference between marble and granite

Difference one: Stone properties. Granite and marble have patterns, but because two kinds of stones are of different essence, granite is an igneous rock, while marble is metamorphic rock, so the difference between them is very obvious. The pattern of the marble is varied, the line pattern is fluent, and the color changes are rich. And the granites are speckled, and there is no obvious pattern, but the color is generally white and gray, very single. The hardness of granite is medium and hard, and marble is a kind of soft stone with less hardness than granite.

Difference two: the scope of use. The radioactive low marble, mainly used in indoor decoration, and the high radioactivity of granite, mainly for outdoor decoration, more harm to the body. The texture of marble is good, can be used for carving and so on, marble carving materials are well-known white marble, granite are mostly used for outdoor construction, to stay away from the crowd living places, radiation is relatively strong, marble will be widely used in people's lives.

Difference three: price difference. Because of the radioactivity of granite, the price of granite is about 50 square. The price of marble is expensive. Although the price of marble is slightly more expensive, the price gap between granite and marble is not too large and is within the range of people. But it does not affect the use of marble in the home decoration.