What stone is the stone sculpture tombstone to choose?

Stone tombstone is a kind of &ldquo produced by natural stone imitation of the residence or palaces. The carving art ” then, what stone will be used to produce better effect and higher cost performance? This is not only the consumer care, but also the gravestone manufacturers care. For consumers, thinking is ideal, always looking for both good and affordable tombstone products. Obviously, to understand this product, first of all, we must have a certain understanding of the industry in which the product is located, and we want to get a stone carving gravestone with high cost performance, so we must have a certain understanding of stone.

There are many natural stones in our life. However, due to their different ways and regions, the internal structure and appearance color will have obvious differences. The main types of natural stone used for carving are mainly sandstone, granite, marble and jade. There are obvious differences between the four categories of stones in appearance and internal structure. Each category is subdivided into hundreds of varieties, and the appearance effect and sale price of different varieties are quite different. Therefore, it is not a very easy thing to find stone stone tombstones with high cost performance.

Huian has a stone carving of paradise, which is the very mature system in the application of the product creation and carving skills and creative elements, so in Fujian Huian custom set in line with their own mind and cost-effective stone carving and tombstone is not difficult. The price ratio is high in meeting the consumer's demand on the quality of the tombstone style, the price is relatively low, that is, the quality and low price. Really want to know that the stone price is relatively high, as long as a little observation placed under the Huian big stone tombstone factory gate or sales model will know. Granite stone carving tombstone is one of the most cost-effective gravestone carvings, with a wide variety of granite, which can be determined according to the specific needs of consumers.

There are several reasons why granite stone is said to be the most cost-effective stone for making stone carving tombstones.

First, compared to sandstone, marble and jade, the properties of granite are more stable and more suitable to be placed outside. Its surface is granular, high density and hard texture. No matter how long it is placed outside, it can keep its original appearance, which is the other kinds of stones can not do. In the process of carving, the dust is very large, which is neither conducive to the health of workers, nor to environmental protection. Therefore, few workers are willing to engage in sandstone carving, which also makes the cost of sandstone carving processing higher. The surface of the marble is too much and is not suitable for the complex patterns of engraving. The amount of storage of jade is very few, it is difficult to find suitable blocks and blocks of high prices.

The stone carving tombstone is carved with granite stone. It also greatly controls the cost while ensuring its effect and quality. Moreover, granite has abundant reserves in Huian, which can be directly extracted from the province, not only ensuring the color of stones, but also greatly reducing the cost and time of transportation. One of the most important cost of making stone gravestone is material cost, which can save a lot of costs.

The color of the appearance of the stone carving tombstone is determined by the customer's demand for the product. The color system of the granite is rich and colorful, and the light is a red to be subdivided into no lower stone. Such as India red, magic red and so on. These stone color shades, the appearance of different shapes, different stone manufacturing stone tombstone is not the same. Rich stone types, to give consumers more space to choose, to meet the needs of consumers.