Art Glass Mosaic

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Product Description

1.Product Name:art glass mosaic
3.Item No.:BYX-GM01

4.Color:Mixed color
5.Finish: Polished
6.Shape:Mona Lisa Smile
7.Chip Size: Square
8.Sheet Size:305x305mm
9.Thickness: 8mm
10.Usage Area: Wall, Floor
11.Application: Bathroom, Kitchen, Living Room

1). Make sure the surface of the wall flat and clear. 
2). Lay the white grout on the wall evenly with the dentate tool. Meanwhile, paste grout on the back of the mosaic. 

3). Install the mosaic sheet on the wall at the right position. 
4). Stuff up the interstice with ideal colored grout after the white grout is completely solidified. 

5). Clean the surface of mosaic tile with soft duster. 

13. Lead Time:15-30 days



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