White Jade Marble Tile Mosaic

White Jade Marble Tile Mosaic
Product Details

Product Description

1.Product Name:White Jade Marble Tile Mosaic
2.Material:White Jade Marble
3.Item No.:BYX-MM010

4.Color: white
5.Finish: Polished
7.Chip Size: Square
8.Sheet Size:305x305mm
9.Thickness: 8mm, 10mm
10.Usage Area: Wall, Floor
11.Application: Bathroom, Kitchen, Living Room
12.Packaging: 11 Pieces/Carton, 50 Cartons/Pallet

13.Lead Time:15-30 days


Usage Area

Wall and Floor


Bathroom,Kitchen,Living Room


A. Mesh mounted, easy and accurate to install
B. Can be cut by scissours as border
C. Carton. Sturdy wooden pallet, container pillow, suitable for sea freight and keeping good packaging


1). Natural color, texture and luster
2). Environment-friendly, safety
3). Durable, hard surface, never fade, wear-resistance
4). Easy to clean


Stone Mosaic is the natural stone material open interfaces, cutting, grinding into various specifications, piecing up Mosaic block in the form of Mosaic, is one of the most ancient and traditional Mosaic varieties, one of the earliest Mosaic is to use small stones inlaid,collage and become, with pure natural stone Mosaic, natural texture, there is a very

natural stone texture, style is natural, of primitive simplicity, elegance, Mosaic family is the
highest level of species, according to its process is different, have a dumb smooth and light face two forms, specifications are square, bar, rounded shape, round and irregular plane,rough surface, etc. With this kind of materials to decorate wall or the ground, both retained the plain sense of natural stone material itself, and maketh rich patterns. Natural marble Mosaic is the machine cut into small particles, pure manual makings, due to the excellent durability Mosaic materials, will not peel, discoloration, by environmental time belongs to high grade decorative products, pure color, elegant and easy, has the characteristics of durable, never fade. Widely used in all kinds of architectural decoration, interior decoration,is the ideal high-grade decorative products.