Cabinet Countertops Cracking Causes?

Modern kitchen room decoration requirements of the so-called table, because the counter is the most direct contact with food, so the selection of the table should be both environmentally friendly and easy to clean. Currently on the market the most common table artificial stone, natural stone, stainless steel three categories! Mentioned are green more artificial stone, artificial stone is only one category which can be subdivided into: artificial aluminum powder, artificial calcium powder, acrylic, composite acrylic and artificial quartz five categories. The use of artificial countertops for cabinet countertops is more agree! Because quartz stone has the toughness of man-made stone and has a high hardness of natural stone people are sought after. However, the crack on the table is everyone's concern,

Causes of cracking: Quartz stone has been characterized by high temperatures, quartz plate can withstand temperatures of about 300 °. However, the main cracking of quartzite is also temperature, brittleness and inhomogeneity of quartzite, unqualified raw materials and uneven foundation. Table in use in direct contact with the heat container leading to uneven heating, or remove the fuser directly after the use of water to cool down, so that the desktop after the cold and heat cross-triggering countertops shrinkage reaction shrinkage!

Method to prevent the cracking of countertops: Because quartz stone raw materials contain about 7% of the resin as a binder, cracking in the local suddenly after the heat problems. Therefore, should avoid direct contact with the table and the hot container, the contact surface in the process of using the hot container is placed in the middle insulation pad!