How To Distinguish The Pros And Cons Of The Stone Tile

High silicon, low calcium, iron, magnesium, aluminum, black depth, color difference is small, can split high and surface roughness, the level of silica will affect board hardness and water absorption rate, Chinese, Germany and the United States ALLEVARDITE standards, low silicon sheet due to lack of not the compressive strength and water absorption the rate for roof tile plate, sheet high calcium easy to fade, easy weathering, reaction of elemental sulfur in the air high metal elements lead to aging fault, please refer to the detailed national slate inspection standard GB 18600, Chinese national natural slate only test. Natural slate tile, stone tile or shale, is a popular name for natural slate roof tiles, tile board for standardizing the terms.

The same building is slate, slate can do decorative slate, and decorative panels do not rock the slate, what reason is this? We need to know the characteristics of high quality slate must have: the splitting of good performance, good flatness, color small, high blackness, high bending strength and low calcium iron sulfur content. Low loss, good corrosion resistance, low water absorption, good weather resistance. Do not have a good splitting performance, basically no way to split slate to standard thickness 5~7mm; no bending strength is good, the thickness cannot meet the requirements of the application of tile flatness; and can not meet the basic requirements of the construction of tile hanging neatly appropriateness is not good; the material characteristics, it not long do not fade, not weathering, rust and maintained more than 100 years of life. This is why the decorative slate can not make tile slate. Similarly, the tile slate can be used as the reason for the veneer rock. It's easy to understand. As long as the tile slate is thicker, it can meet all the requirements of the facing slate.