How To Keep Granite

It is not suitable for newly built granite floors to make bottom wax and wax. Why the newly built granite floor is not suitable for making bottom wax and surface wax. We can compare it with marble, so we can draw a conclusion.

The marble surface of the old and new, are formed by calcium carbonate crystal particles, so the pore, even after careful and meticulous polishing, under the microscope can still see the rough interface, this tiny pore is falling, etc. advantages for wax coating bottom bottom wax wax, small molecular weight, penetration strong, coupled with capillary action, and soon the bottom wax is adsorbed on the surface of marble and film, when the bottom wax in the water after complete evaporation, greater adsorption, the adsorption capacity is crucial, it is used to contend with people walking and drag items and acting force applied on its surface, and the wax from the ground surface.

As for the new laying granite floor, its main component is the crystallization of quartz, mica, feldspar, high density, high hardness, plus manual polishing, the granite surface without pores, so when the fall of wax, the bottom wax cannot penetrate, no capillary effect, but there is no or only the adsorption capacity is weak, such as wax surface when walking on it, it is easy to fall off, the falling wax work in vain. In view of this situation, for newly built granite, after half a year to a year after laying, we only need to spray and maintain wax for grinding, so as to prevent stains from infiltrating into granite and maintain its surface brightness. The wear of the granite surface is different because of the different flow of people passing through each day, with different dynamics and the effect on the granite surface for a period of time.