The Maintenance Of Stone Sculpture

Stone is the product of nature, and it is a mineral body. It inevitably has some congenital defects. When stone sculptures are carved into the living environment of people, they are more vulnerable to all kinds of pollution and human damage. If the stone carving is polluted or damaged, it is not timely or disposed properly, which will greatly reduce the application effect of stone carving, and also affect the decoration environment and beautify the atmosphere of stone carving. Therefore, a correct understanding of stone, understanding the characteristics of various stones, and mastering the correct methods of stone protection, cleaning and nursing are the prerequisite and foundation for people to keep the bright colors and fresh environment of stone carving for a long time.

Stone carving is a part of the landscape, and the ornamental is strong and the image is high. A large stone statue is mostly in the outdoor plaza, often in the rain exposed to the weather conditions, inevitably produce stone disease, such as: Bai Hua, water stains, rust, corrosion and so on. Maintenance of stone carvings includes pre protection and late cleaning. Early protection requires comprehensive protection in the process of construction and installation. It is better to use stone sealants and protective agents to make sealing and waterproofing and oil proofing for stone surfaces. Post cleaning care can use Bai Hua scavenger, water spot cleaning agent and rust remover to control installation and rust spots. Small stone carvings only need early protection and daily dedusting. If there are any lesions, we should choose suitable stone cleaners according to the types of lesions to control stone carving diseases.

As a natural building material with dual functions of construction and decoration, stone materials have been favored by people all the time. People choose stone materials, besides its architectural function, they are more optimistic about its beautiful natural decoration effect. The beautiful decorative effect of stone carving requires not only perfect carving techniques, but also serious maintenance and maintenance.