The Meaning And Purpose Of Artificial Stone

Lift the artificial stone everyone is no stranger to, usually think of cabinets countertops. Artificial stone is a general term for man-made synthetic stone, which can be divided into: artificial aluminum / calcium powder board, acrylic, quartz stone, artificial stone and so on. Different types of artificial stone, its composition is not the same. Ingredients are mainly natural stone waste, quartz sand, resin, aluminum powder, calcium powder, pigments and curing agent. Practical polymer building materials, is a new type of environmentally friendly composite materials. Artificial stone non-toxic, non-radiation, flame retardant, anti-infiltration, antibacterial mildew, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, easy maintenance, seamless stitching, modeling amazing.

Artificial stone from the initial use of countertops, the development of today's decoration industry throughout the field of use, the process has gone through a decade of development. Artificial stone because of their different properties in the decorative field of application is also different, look at the artificial aluminum / calcium powder and acrylic. Artificial stone aluminum / calcium powder it is made of unsaturated resin and aluminum or calcium powder as the main material, the main material of acrylic resin. Their common feature is the plasticity, in particular, acrylic can be shaped by heating, can be any stitching seamless processing. It is widely used in the manufacture of table tops and upholstery and cylindrical packages.

Come see quartz stone and stone. Xiaobian or mainly under the quartz stone, which is more than 90% quartz sand and less than 10% resin and other adhesives as raw materials, vacuum, high pressure, heat curing. As the raw material contains up to 93% of the quartz sand was named quartz, its characteristics in addition to the advantages of artificial stone also has a high hardness of natural stone, which is also a lot of quartz stone manufacturers are proud of the product, so many people will it and man-made Stone separate. Artificial stone production process and quartz stone is the same, their difference is that the use of raw materials, the main fill of stone for the natural stone powder and waste. The raw materials of Gangseo are made of natural stone without artificial treatment and may carry harmful substances and radiation to human body. Stone is more should be used in architectural decoration, and quartz stone is to be requested relatively high interior decoration. Quartz stone prices in the artificial stone is also higher, the time of purchase should be based on their own use of the region to choose for their own artificial stone!