What Are The Types Of Artificial Stone, What Are Their Advantages?

Artificial stone usually refers to artificial stone solid surface material, which can be divided into: artificial stone, quartz, acrylic, artificial stone and so on. Different types of artificial stone, its composition is not the same. Ingredients are mainly resin, aluminum powder, quartz sand, natural gravel, pigments and curing agents. Application of practical polymer building materials, the manufacturing process is a chemical anti-material should be the process, with the progress of human social science and technology and the continuous improvement of a practical scientific materials, artificial stone is mainly used in the construction and decoration industry It is a new type of environmentally friendly composite material. Compared to stainless steel, ceramic and other traditional building materials, artificial stone is not only versatile, rich colors, the application is also more extensive. Artificial stone non-toxic, radioactive, flame retardant, non-stick oil, impermeable dirt, antibacterial mildew, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, easy maintenance, seamless stitching, modeling amazing.

From the production process can be divided into two kinds, casting sheet and die-casting sheet. Casting plates are ordinary artificial stone and acrylic, the main material for the resin (acrylic resin) and aluminum powder, calcium powder evenly stirred after vacuum curing from natural. The main advantages of non-toxic, non-radiation, no color, seamless splicing, can be shaped processing. If it's not enough, it is hard to scratch.

Die-cast plate with quartz stone and artificial stone, their common ground is through vacuum, high pressure, high vibration, furnace heating curing, high-speed water mill polished, their different points in the filler, the fill of quartz 93 % Of pure quartz sand, while the filling of rock for the natural gravel. Quartz stone Mohs hardness of up to 7 and the hardness of stone in about 4, from the environmental point of view quartz is non-toxic, non-radiation and the main fill of stone for natural gravel may carry harmful substances to the human body. Artificial stone due to their different performance areas are also applied to different areas, there is no best, only suitable for the best.